June 5, 2013, by Sarah


Nausea is rising

Patience getting low

According to all sources

The Doctor’s is where to go!

So this week can be the last time (last time)

Just about half past ten

The last time I feel really sick

And have to go to the Doctor’s again!

Yes the most exciting thing this week is going to the doctor’s for them to sort out ongoing nausea. I think revision stress maaay have given me some kind of stomach ulcer. Any way I’m fed up now – and the weather girls entertain me.

Me during revision. Don't do this

Me during revision. Don’t do this

BUT home is good, resting, catching up on TV, meeting with friends, going shopping, drinking iced coffee in the sun.



In fact in a very sedate, ordinary card shop yesterday I did see something very odd. Incense sticks with lots of conventional scents e.g. patchouli, magnolia and then the classic fragrances of “Vampire’s blood”, “Dragon’s fire” and “Demon’s lust.” Am I missing something here? Or do I not want to know? Weird.

Just why?

Just why?


Something awesome this week however is the new queens of the stone age album …Like Clockwork.

It is ┬áSO GOOD – I have been listening to it on repeat. I know I’ll overplay it but right now, I don’t care…it’s that good. I really like every song on the album, which doesn’t normally happen I find. You can listen to the whole thing on grooveshark.com then go out and buy it – seriously.

Here’s a sampler – this song is made for the head thrust! Don’t watch the video though…it’s weird.

Everyone who still has exams – stay strong! Those resting, rest well, and those struggling – this isn’t all there is.

Have a brilliant week!


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