April 24, 2013, by Sarah


Guess who’s back? Back again? Sarah’s back…there’s no need for you to inform to your friends, however. Opening the blog with a Eminem reference…I am so down with the kidz – I mean, please take note of the use of “z,” evidently I am some kind of spelling maverick. *shifty eyes*

So, as you may have gathered I have returned to the University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonington Campus. Summer term is always a bit different as the composition of it somewhat depends on how early/ late Easter is. As Easter was early this year there’s more to do when you get back – but still in a short space of time. So this term I have:

  • Three weeks of lectures,
  • One week “free”  – which will mostly consist of a dynamic equilibrium between working and procrastination
  • A week and a half of exams
  • That’s it
  • No, really.


It’s all a bit scary because I’m still doing coursework and being taught but have to revise as well – 3rd year is no joke. Also because I am studying to be a Dietitian, I shall have two or three weeks home this summer before embarking on a 12 week hospital placement – the reality of which is just starting to sink in.

I really want to be a Dietitian, and in first year I loved placement, I love working in the hospital environment, being involved in the job I’ve wanted to do for so long – it’s just this time it seems so scary. I’m going to be working with REAL PATIENTS with lives and jobs and families – and where you’re actually trying to do a job to help improve people’s health, not just shadowing and chatting to patients about hospital food and their families and their garden.

It just seems to matter a lot more.

Which is, in my head, a lot of pressure.

The familiar student learning role, absorbing information and trying to make sense of it is comfortable, but the summer will be out of my comfort zone… I suppose I just don’t want to get it wrong.

I know there’s a lot of support for healthcare students on placement, and if you take the fear away I’m really looking forward to it, and once I’m there I think I’ll just get stuck in. But right now it’s like sitting at the top of a death slide – and you know it will be fun, but you have to embrace the fear of the drop, push yourself… and GO! Right now I’m busy with work, but it’s like a waiting game, and  the anticipation and the fear now is often more extreme that the actual event I think.


Anyway, other wise I have been watching Broadchurch (I don’t think the end was as good as it could have been), cooking mashed root veg for the freezer (I got a celeriac for 5p!) and catching up with friends.

Have a lovely week!

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