April 19, 2013, by Mark

Vomit Pools & Silk Markets

As I entered my second week in the People’s Republic of China I became more accustomed to the Chinese way of life, both within the university and further afield. My mandarin and academic classes as well as the programme as a whole seemed to greatly increase in intensity as the new week began. This said there was still some down time that included a few nights out in the city of Hangzhou. We soon learnt that the Chinese people seem not to have a high tolerance for alcohol with the image below a common feature in most bars and nightclubs…

Vomit Pool - China

The midweek saw my language class leave the classroom and head onto the road, teacher and all, as we visited a silk museum whilst learning Chinese phrases and expressions. Following this our group visited a local silk market, consisting of a series of shops and boutiques selling a vast array of silk products. I would add at this point that my health has suffered somewhat, this is the reason for the gaps in my blog posts, and it looks likely that the poor air quality in China has something to
do with this, more on this later though.

Silk Market 2

Silk Market








– Mark J Richardson

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