April 7, 2013, by Kiran

When I Grow Up…

During this Easter break I have been filling in application after application finally accepting that this is my last year at the University of Nottingham (sad times) and that I should probably start doing the grown up thing of planning for the future.

But before I fully commit to completely being an adult, here is a look at my CV if it was made up entirely of the jobs I pretended to have as a child…and occasionally now but don’t judge me! I know you all do it too and everything listed is pretty generic and unoriginal so my dream jobs were probably very similar to yours.

1. Kiran the Teacher

My brother, sister and imaginary pupils were all very good students….a few of them wouldn’t reply to their name in the register but that’s about it! However, I have realised I could never be a teacher. This is the extent of my discipline…


2. Kiran the Pop Star

Indeed, this is me rocking a backwards baseball cap as I took to the stage to perform S Club 7’s Bring it all Back. My styling was clearly inspired by Luke from the Gilmore Girls mixed in with a bit of Sporty Spice.

when i grow up blog popstar

As you can see in the picture, the crowd loved the performance and I toured in big arenas such as my staircase and the garden and even to the mirror! I even had a band for a while and we had a reality show but obviously the fame got to us and we had to split…


3. Kiran the Super Hero

A massive fan of the X-Men cartoon (I was a super cool kid) I too took up the challenge of protecting the world. Yes, the pay may have been non-existent and the hours were long and maybe I didn’t actually save anyone’s life per se BUT I did have a cape. But oh no! What’s this?


My arch nemesis little sister has stolen the cape…argh serious misuse of the cape! The cape is not a skirt (it’s actually a scarf!)


4. Kiran the News Reporter

With the BBC closing the Television Centre, I am also very sad to announce that the Benawra Bedroom News Studios will be closing as well. We broke some of the biggest news stories around the world. Taking a look back at the archives, there was the story about the gang of penguins rolling down the hill and several hurricanes and we even held a number of outside broadcasts…all the way from the garden! We even filmed our own adverts; if you ever need to know who to sue when your new fridge breaks please come to me!

So what is the weather forecast for today Kiran? Well I am dressed for the summer but am also fashioning an umbrella so it's hard to say...

So what is the weather forecast for today Kiran?  ‘Well I am dressed for the summer but am also fashioning an umbrella so it’s hard to say…’


So obviously I have had a great career but with a dissertation to finish I think my next aim is to be a writer.


p.s. Just a heads up, next week’s blog will be slightly late as I am jetting off to Copenhagen for a long weekend…bet you can’t guess what next week’s blog will be about!

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