March 31, 2013, by Kiran

Grandma’s Easter Eggs

Happy Easter Sunday! Hope you also all had a good Good Friday…and an adequate Saturday. I’m going all Delia Smith in this appropriately themed blog to give you another treat this Easter Weekend.

Forget the shop bought, already formed, already packaged hollow Easter Eggs! Here at the Benawra household we make our own…as well as also buying some of the aforementioned Easter eggs. Greedy or creative? Well it’s the best of both worlds and now you can live the dream too.

My Grandma is the culinary genius behind the recipe so I take no credit for the creation. These aren’t just Easter Eggs; these are handcrafted chocolaty crunchy delights that may seem like only slightly more complicated versions of Rice Krispie cakes but hey, they are worth that little bit of extra effort:


Here is what you will need; chocolate, dessicated coconut, chopped nuts, raisins and cornflakes…


We don’t do measurements…just add more as you go!


1. Break up the chocolate into tiny chunks. (Jamie Oliver told my sister a handy tip; smack the chocolate on the side while it’s still in the wrapper and it will break up easily! We remembered this once we’d already taken it out of the wrapper.)  Try to resist eating too much of it and make sure the chocolate finds itself safely into a mixing bowl!



2. Melt the chocolate…just stick it in the microwave and keep an eye on it. We have definitely left it unattended before and the bowl shattered (whoops!)

31032013148      31032013149


3. While the chocolate is in the microwave, put the cornflakes in a food bag or wrap it in a tea towel and smash them up with a rolling pin (this recipe seems quite violent now I’ve written it down!) But try not to make a mess…

31032013146        31032013168


4. Once the chocolate has melted…add every other ingredient.

31032013158 3103201315331032013165 31032013161


5. Stir in well. Now add more of everything and stir until everything is coated in chocolate. A side note: if you run out of raisins, just add sultanas because really there’s zero difference in taste!


6.  Now try to mould the mixture into egg shapes as best as you can. We used two spoons…quite unsuccessfully. Hang on! Just on the phone to Chef Grandma and she has informed us the best way to achieve an egg shape is to use an egg cup…duh! Oh well, they will still taste the same!

          31032013176            31032013179

7. Put some grease proof paper on to a tray and place the ‘eggs’ onto them. Don’t worry if they flatten…you can just call them Easter cookies instead. Sprinkle the ‘eggs’ with dessicated coconut to make them look all pretty-ish.

           31032013178          31032013185


8. Once you’ve spooned out all the mixture, leave the eggs/cookies/tasty mush to set!



Tah Dah! They may not look as impressive as my Grandma’s but they definitely taste as good…kind of! Oh, one last thing. Make sure you leave a little bit of mixture in the bowl, a little snack while you wait for Grandma’s Easter Eggs to set! Yum…


Happy Easter Everyone!!!


p.s. As a result of this recipe style blog I expect the cookery book offers to roll in…watch out Mary Berry!

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