March 5, 2013, by Beca

Laundry: Crime Scene

This week the laundry became a crime scene as my toga outfit launched a vicious attack at my Alcatraz fancy dress.  The Defence (bright red-orange scarf pictured below) pleads “not guilty” but the evidence provided by The Prosecution in the form of newly dyed pink stripes is pretty concrete.


The Defence


The Prosecution

Was it intentional or just plain carelesness? The white dress that only days previously was paired with the scarf as part of the previously mentioned toga outfit, was caught in the crossfire despite being placed in a separate wash. “Perhaps”, The Prosecition cries, “The Defence was sloppy and didn’t clear up after hiself leaving his accomplices to clear up after himself”.


Misdirected Hostility

Witnesses are still too scared to openly speak out against The Defence; only time will tell if the mental damage the event has caused will heal. For now the white sheets are cowering in the cupboard, too afraid to venture out incase they are harmed.



Only time will tell if this is simply a dispute that has escalated or the vestiges of a far deeper vendetta between my ever growing fancy dress collection.  Innocent bystanders are being harmed, (ie.  all white lace is now either grey or pink), something must be done!  The sooner the situation is resolved the better.

What does the jury say? Innocent or Guilty?

A later retaliation by the Alcatraz fancy dress backfired.


Backfired Attack


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