February 24, 2013, by Ollie

Hidden Gems


Is a beautiful thing.

(That suits a David Attenborough voice don’t you think?)

I was lucky enough to spend this weekend with my girlfriend but in typical male fashion I hadn’t come up with any concrete plans for the weekend. So Saturday afternoon came and a friend tipped me off about a deal. 2 for 1 at Bella Italia on pasta and pizza if you present your cinema ticket from Cineworld. So a movie and a meal for ¬£10 each. Excellent I thought! (until we found out it’s only during weekdays but either way!) Now we just had to choose a film.

After 10 minutes of cycling through the film listings we were unsure. Nothing seemed to spring out the page and say. WATCH ME! Eventually we chose ‘This is 40’.

A film well worth seeing! Hopefully not all our futures!

A film well worth seeing! Hopefully not all our futures!

We got to the cinema, parted with our cash and sat down in the cinema and it was really good! The best part is that feeling you get where as of an hour before you had no plans and weren’t going to be doing anything and now you can’t stop smiling. The film made me laugh, smile and think. Think enough to end up basing my blog on it! Being spontaneous in such a successful fashion can make the day, the week and depending how long you’ve been sat in your University room working, it can make your month – it’s like a Sim moodlet that gives you +50 happiness for the rest of the day. Nothing will get you down! Until it reaches 11pm and your spontaneity has led to you not doing any work ahead of tomorrow’s deadline!

So! In a spontaneous manner let me preach to you what I think everyone should get out and do next week!

Be at Mooch on Friday evening!

Now I’m not just trying to promote Karnival in a goody two shoes fashion but of late they’ve been churning out some great events that you should just get involved with. First of all there is the London to Paris bike ride. Nothing’s more spontaneous than rocking up in London on a bike, to ride for France. Even better than that is what is going down on Friday in Mooch. There is going to be a ‘Rap Battle’ featuring Jack Whitehall vs Mike Grist! If you aren’t familiar with either of these two names, shame on you! Youtube them… and that can be your spontaneous act of the day!

Jack Whitehall (left) Mark Grist (right)

Jack Whitehall (left) Mark Grist (right)

Finally I just wanted to let you all know a bit more about me in my effort to continue with the ‘Man behind the blog’ theme. This is what it takes to help me through the weekly blog!

If only Michael McIntyre was also going to be at Mooch!

If only Michael McIntyre was also going to be at Mooch!

p.s yes they are Spyro gems!


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