February 1, 2013, by Gemma

Pinch, Punch, First day of the month

No returns!

New experiences

It’s a new term and a new month, and the perfect opportunity to try something new. I’m not talking about waking up at 11.40 am when you usually wake up at 11.45 am (no biggie!), or drinking Pepsi rather than coke (again, no biggie!). I’m talking about something you’ve never done before, perhaps slightly out of your comfort zone.

With that said, the following “experiences” aren’t exactly crazy and life-changing, but still, they’re new for me.

New hobby

New hobby

Yesterday I tried knitting for the first time with Knit-a-Soc. It’s a pretty relaxing task, and I hope to become really good at it. Apparently it “helps you to be smarter by exercising both sides of your brain at once!” Yay! The society knits clothes for premature babies, and blankets for the elderly, so it’s a great opportunity to do some volunteering.



On Wednesday I went to my second Hula Hoop Soc session, which was such a work out! We ended the session with the Cha-Cha slide, while hula hooping! Now there’s something you don’t do every day.




I also met the Nightline bear for the first time, who was in Forum last night giving out free hugs. Aaaaw.

Free hugs

Free hugs

Slightly burnt...but delicious

Slightly burnt…but delicious


In terms of food (you knew this was coming!), I tried a brand new recipe: Lamb chops with potato pancakes and balsamic vinegar reduction. I was surprised at how quick and easy it was to cook. Delish!


Oh, before I forget, the answer to the riddle from last week: Basically, the fish was massive, so when he called his friend, he put the phone between his ear and shoulder so his hands were free to make the “It was this big” gesture. But in all the excitement, as he did this, he smashed his hands through the telephone box glass. (I know, a bit far-fetched, but I got there eventually with the help of many hints.)


See you next Friday!

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