November 28, 2012, by Sarah


If I was doing a degree in procrastination I would get…

…a fail because I’d have distracted myself doing something else.

Well I’m not that bad.

I do get my work done before deadlines and I do try to be organised, however sometimes it all gets a bit much and working swiftly changes to procrastination. These are a few of the novel ways I have procrastinated in the past besides the standard watching tv/facebook etc.:

  • Spending more time arranging my dinner on my plate

    Geometric butternut squash salad

  • Compiling all the to-do list documents on your computer into one ultimate document
  • Re-Folding clothes
  • Playing with hair:

    This is a waterfall braid Youtube taught me – it’s totally not procrastination if you learn a skill…right? This can go on my CV yeah?

  • Organising your internet bookmarks into folders
  • Going on a walk on SB arboretum
  • Playing with webcam stupid effects

    My Best Side

  • Cleaning all the doors in the house – doors do get dirty you know
  • Oiling the hinges of all the doors in the house to avoid creaking

    My trusty WD40

  • Writing out a list of all the lectures you need to look over to revise, instead of actually revising them
  • Re-Folding clothes
  • Untangling knots in necklace chains – it turns out a needle is an ideal tool for this by the way.

    Yes it is a Disney castle necklace – AND WHAT?

  • Colour coding your to-do list (picture)
  • Re categorising/alphabetising books or DVDs
  • Cleaning skirting boards
  • Compiling all the to-do list documents on your computer into one ultimate document

Half Way!

  • Using hot milk in tea/coffee – it just takes a little bit longer
  • Testing all your pens to see if they still work
  • Arranging your food in order of food group – carbohydrate corner is a beautiful place

This week I also joined twitter because our lecturer plugged the @UoN_Nutrition feed to be beneficial to our course. It is pretty cool to get up to date relevant information from lecturers and companies/organisations relevant to my degree.

It is also nice to know what Stephen Fry is thinking.

So that is now a new source of amusement and distraction.

I discovered software called Cold Turkey (amusingly) which is free and you can use to ban any websites temporarily to get work done. However it doesn’t work on Google Chrome! Curses!

However sometimes I think it’s a balance. I wonder if sometimes I expect myself to be able to work solidly for hours without a break – so maybe when I fully start procrastinating it’s because my brain needs airing.  Maybe everyone needs a little procrastination, a bit of time in the sunshine before diving down in the deep realms of the illustrious WORK ZONE. In my course there’s a huge emphasis on balance, a balanced diet, no such thing as bad foods, only bad food behaviours. So maybe working and procrastinating need to be in balance too. Just a thought.

Anyone have any novel ways of procrastinating? Let me know 🙂

Also if anyone wants to procrastinate via youtube – might I suggest this hilarious video?

It’s better quality than Neighbours for sure 🙂

Until next time!

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