November 14, 2012, by Sarah

The Game of Life

This is my To Do list:

We’ve got a lot to do, it is one lump or two? For you our guest, She’s our Guest,  Be our guest!.

As you can see I have quite a lot to do.

Uni Third year is like playing “life” on level expert, with multiple coursework bosses and low HP (health points). I can say this because I am currently on antibiotics for a “knee infection” which I just woke up with. There is no cut, no break of skin just a beast of an inflammatory response. Who even gets knee infections? Me apparently. So my “be our guest” working/feasting montage would have to include flucloxicillin – One lump or two Mrs Potts? Well it’s one tablet four times a day.


New knowledge of the week: You have tastebuds all down your GI tract and there is something called “the jolly fat” hypothesis. Mind = blown. Apparently overweight people have fewer mental health problems than underweight people: that’s fair enough but calling it the “Jolly fat” hypothesis is taking the Michael. Well the more you know, the more you know you don’t know.


BEST NEWS OF THE WEEK: I GOT THE PLACEMENT I WANTED! This means over the summer I will be working in a hospital very near where my Grandma lives and LIVING WITH HER! EPIC WIN! As you can see I am using bold to convey my next-level excitedness. One of my reasons for coming to this Uni was to be nearer my Grandma as she moved away from home near Bristol a few years back because my Grandad was unwell – but boy did I miss them! So we are going to have a very exciting summer!

Saddest thing that happened this week: My housemate Alex moved out (5th year Veterinary means your term dates are crazy and so we won’t see her for 10 weeks!

Nicest thing that happened: My housemate Sue moved in! Yay! (Again crazy 5th year timetable)

Craziest thing that happened this week: I did part of the talk at my church on Sunday. My Uni church have been doing a thing where in the evening service for the sermon/talk/preach whatever you want to call it they ask two people (in this case my housemate Marilyn and I) to divide it between them and speak for 10-15 minutes each. I was terrified.  Anyway it actually went really well and people were insanely positive and I got lots of nice emails/texts etc. Phew. God is good. My parents came up to see me and hear my talk and we went on a walk around the SB arboretum which is rather nice this time of year:

Pre-talk panic: frenzied leaf kicking

Funniest thing that happened this week: I went to the SB stand-up comedy night known as “Funny Farm.” It was amusing, although not as good as other ones I have been to – but still worth it for the bargainacious £4. Sense of humour is subjective though – for example I find this hilarious:

I’ve written a savage angry song…about jars that get separated from their lids

Until next week!




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