November 11, 2012, by Kiran


The most time I had ever spent on Jubilee Campus before this week had been during last year’s mad deadline rush in which myself and a course mate decided it was a great idea to spend all night in Jubilee Library writing our 3000 word coursework that was due in for the next day. In case you were wondering, we did manage to hand it in before the deadline but it was not a great idea!

I have probably spent 24 hours at Jubilee this week as well but over a more reasonable period of time. I haven’t been in the library or doing coursework either. I have been in a seminar room in the Exchange Building but while I’ve been there I have been rearranging furniture, bossing people around and generally having a bit of laugh.

Warm up games
Photo by Dimitri Darzentas

And why is this? Well it is because this November (the 19th and 20th to be precise) I am producing a Chekhov comedy double bill as part of the New Theatre’s UNCUT season. Being the really nice producer I am, I booked rehearsal rooms in Jubilee and have made both the cast and the Director trek there every day. But there is a hopper bus and I provided a map…and I bought sweets to rehearsals (and then proceeded to eat most myself…sorry!)

Our very talented cast for The Proposal
Photo by Dimitri Darzentas

On a more serious note, the performance is shaping up to be a very funny showcase of Chekhov’s lesser known comedies The Proposal and The Bear…even if it’s just to hear the cast trying to pronounce all the Russian names. Priceless.

The also very talented cast of The Bear
Photo by Dimitri Darzentas

Only one more week to go and it’ll be time to perform it in front of an audience, made up of more people than myself and the Director (hopefully!) and we won’t be on Jubilee Campus but in the Performing Arts Studio. Although we’ve only had a couple of weeks to rehearse and it’s only going to get more hectic this week, I am loving the whole process and spending a lot of time together has made us all Chek-Mates (see what I did there!)


p.s. I apologise for the shameless plugging of my show in the UNCUT season.

p.p.s Everybody come and see it!

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