March 6, 2012, by Kay

Bowling, RED IP and What are Universities For?

Graduation tickets have come out, both for the ceremony and for the ball. I’m still debating whether or not I want to push the boat out and get the dinner ticket for £68. All the entertainment tickets are gone. (BOOOOOOO)

I’m still excited for Societies Ball in May though. That’s a ball of some sort I still get to go to anyway 😛 It should be really good I’m hoping to go with most of my Unicef Society committee and I’m hoping we’ll get a gold award by then so yeah, should be awesome!

Unicef went for a bowling social last week (yup, had the barriers up. like a boss.)  and had dinner at Spanky van Dyke’s on Goldsmith Street afterwards. I’m a self-confessed Spanky’s addict, can’t get enough of the place. Next time I need to get a pie and pint. Only £5.99! Good times.

Unicef Committee armed and dangerous

Model United Nations Society President, Aatish and me

It’s socials like these, especially for charity societies that the faith in humanity is restored a little more again because you get to meet such lovely people.  The types that make you think that you would have never come across someone like that if you never went to university. Take for example, a young man called Rizky, a masters student from Indonesia. His kindness and gentlemanly warmth to everyone around him is hard not to love. He is so intent on living his one year in Nottingham to the fullest that he has joined the Rambling Society, Czech and Slovak Society, Indonesian Society and is thinking of joining Saudi Arabian Society. Genuinely to learn about other cultures and meet new people. So nice.

Rizky and Aatish

Later on in the week I then went to Coco Tang RED I.P night. Coco Tang is a nice little club in the city centre and RED I.P is one of its trendy ‘international’ nights that it has every so often. It has great music and great cocktails! I recommend The Toblerone. It was great to go in a group with my flatmates too. This doesn’t happen enough!


Flat 22

Having just come from work (as a part-time bookseller at Blackwells) to write this blog post I thought I’d mention a very interesting read I was looking through today: What Are Universities For? By Stefan Collini. He challenges the notion that universities must make money in order to get more money. He discusses the different roles that the university plays and how we shouldn’t forget that it’s a vehicle to broader intellectual understanding (…is this something I’ve achieved while I’ve been at uni?….).



Sounds good anyway.

Hope you’re all having a good week and enjoying the misleadingly chilly yet sunny weather in Notts!

Love, Kay x





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