February 27, 2012, by Kay

SwissSoc Cheese Fondue and Campus Tours

I went to my first ever cheese fondue party on Friday and it was awesome.

I’m a fan of hot cheese anyway so I knew that this would be something special indeed! I probably drank a tad more than I should of but I had a fab time anyway! It was a social hosted by SwissSoc and being a somewhat ‘culinary explorer’ as a friend once told me, I couldn’t miss it. I really love how it brings people in to chat together. I suppose my ‘native equivalent’ would be a Chinese hotpot where you have a big metal bowl full of boiling water that you put things in to cook like fish, vegetables or shuang yang rou, or strips of lamb or mutton meat.

My family always has a hotpot on Christmas eve but one of the societies here – ChinaChina- often go for socials involving a classic Asian combination of hotpot and KTV (karaoke TV) ¬†and I remember being sat next to the head of the School of Contemporary Chinese Studies last year chatting about potatoes at one of these events….O_____O ..it’s always a bit odd when you chat with teachers about things other than work isn’t it? (yup…potatoes)


I can’t really think of a British equivalent to these things.



There was an Economics visit day on Saturday that I worked at as a student helper. All the college kids that came had been made offers to Nottingham so that’s half the battle won with trying to sell the university to them. It’s always really nice at these events because it doesn’t matter how much of a bad mood you go into with these things, I always come out happy seeing how hopeful the college kids are.

A lot of them freak out with joy seeing the Starbucks in the food court area of the Portland Building.

It’s nice to see that the rise in tuition fees hasn’t put them off, that they’re really excited to come to university (AND LEAVE HOME!) and feel proud that Nottingham made them an offer.

But then when I see the entry requirements this year for Economics (A*AA! what?! good lord!) it reminds me I should be thankful. It’s good motivation I suppose. On a lot of days when I can’t be bothered I can think about all the 7 other people that wanted my place at uni. Yikes.

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