February 2, 2012, by Gael

Surreal(ity) Shock

Surreal. The word that best sums up my last week; I never really considered experiencing reverse culture shock, but I most definitely have. What is interesting is that it’s not necessarily British culture I am struggling with, more British student culture which is so significantly and yet subtly different that it takes some readjusting to.

Sunday saw my return to the NG7 postcode, and my move into my new home in Lenton (the area between the UoN campus and Nottingham city centre). I’m in a lovely 6 bed house; it’s typically studenty but also homely and very easy to keep warm (always a plus!). I’m living with 4 boys and 1 other girl, all of which are new acquaintances to me, but they have been lovely and gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and help me settle so it’s been a successful but strange first week.

My room is up in the atic and kitted out with all my belongings (and a lot of pink) to make it feel more like my place, I already love my room and am very happy with my rooftops view.

Life since Sunday has been crammed full with;

  • Unpacking.
  • Sticking up photo’s (surprisingly long!)
  • Going to introductory lectures
  • Catching up with old friends
  • Making new friends
  • Crossing my fingers desperately for the job I really want
  • Stressing out about my dissertation
  • Frequenting Sainsbury’s
  • Skype conversation with Canada and Hong Kong
  • Getting used to questionable student cooking

It has inevitable sped up as there are more and more demands on my time, I have joined the Lenton Centre gym to try and build up my fitness level and get some endorphins racing in the early mornings – it also gives a much needed stress relief from the stress of my final semester at University.

New Humanities Building on Campus

I also restarted my position as a Student Ambassador for UoN this week which I had greatly missed; although it’s an early start it’s an incredibly rewarding job where you get to show off the University and talk about the fantastic experience you have had and gained from being here. While giving a campus tour of the Uni I came across many new buildings that were mere metal foundations when I left last June, and are now fully functioning learning facilities – it reminds me once again how this University always strives to be at the top of it’s game by providing pioneering experiences and opportunities – oh how I missed it!

Time to crack down into the mountains of third year work.

This week has been surreal, and it’s confirmed that this term will be stressful and hard work, but I’m determined to get stuck into it, and follow my academic musings and student dreams – it is, after all the last 6 months that I’ll be able. So here it goes – for the best degree class I can get, the best grad job I could hope for, and lots of fantastic memories with good friends to top it all off!

G xx

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