January 17, 2012, by Kay

Spotify, 9GAG, Orange Blossom Tea and Hanging with Friends.

What do you tend to listen to when you’re revising?…

I tend to discover more new artists and songs on days like these because I like having a really solid playlist to keep me going.

Recent examples:

  • Anything from a Kitsune Maison album (A French fashion label that also compile various albums of cool underground indie and electro bands)
  • Body Language- Social Studies (Plastic Plates Remix)
  • Ben Howard
  • James Vincent McMorrow
  • Anything from the Whisperings radio station on solopianoradio.com (seriously give it a try it’s really nice to have in the background)

    Kitsune Maison Vol. 12 Album- my favourite

Also, if you have already discovered the blessing and the curse that is 9GAG.com, I feel for you my friend…. addictive is not even the word. It is has opened up my world to ideas I never even thought possible.. take the Nest Bed as an example.


The Nest Bed of 9GAG….AMAZING!

Here’s something you might find interesting–> a new Fujitsu concept for a laptop. It’s called the Fujistu Lifebook and I find this really novel, really sleek (it is actually gorgeous to look at) and really quite awesome.

The concept is that Fujitsu have combined four gadgets into one: a laptop, a camera, a tablet computer and a music player. The whole point is that they can connect together to form the laptop of the latter three gadgets can be used on their own. Once they are all connected together they can be charged at once and they work together seamlessly (as is the claim).

I just think it looks super cool, I’m not speculating on the release, judging it or anything I just think- wow ‘what would it be like to have one of those?’ (Christmas for 2013- SORTED!)

I always wanted to go to one of those awesome gadget conventions in the US or in Japan where all these great companies show off their great innovations, pushing the frontier of what is currently out there. I see this sometimes on the BBC CLICK program that’s on sometimes, I’d give it a watch on iPlayer if you’re into that kind of thing.

….Apart from music and pointless stuff on the internet, I’ve also been revising for my first exam- Introduction to Political Economy, with some light revision on International Trade Policy and Health Economics on the side.

My staple drink of choice these days is a gift I got for Christmas (I really like interesting teas) , which is a Black Tea with Orange Blossom from Whittards. Melow, citrusy and warm. Highly recommended.

Every so often, I take a few minutes out of a study session to play this game I’m a little addicted to on my phone as well, I think Alec Baldwin even got kicked off a plane because he refused to stop playing it during takeoff….that’s how good it is.

 There is a light at the end of the tunnel…I’m hoping to either visit my sister at home when exams are over (my parents very lovingly abandoned her to go to Hong Kong until early February) or spend some time with my best friend Izzy at Keele University as well. We just bought tickets to see Foster the People in Manchester in April- super excited! 🙂

Anyway, best go back to getting square eyes reading some books!

Soldier on, keep going!

Love, Kay




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