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Who am I and what exactly is consultation week for?

Dear Blogees,

How are you all? My name’s Georgina and I’m currently a second year English studies student at the University of Nottingham. The course is a very broad one encompassing literature, linguistics, medieval English (the language and literature of the middle ages) and drama, so if like me variety is your thing, Nottingham is well worth a look – both in terms of course, societies and other opportunities in the city. This week has been my consultation week – a week in which my course doesn’t have any scheduled contact hours (lectures or seminars), so that we get the opportunity to get all our coursework done, read ahead, and see our tutors (that’s the theory anyway!).

Definitely couldn't live without my UoN diary to keep me on top of everything!

Personally, no matter how much I was told it was a good idea to go and see my tutors last year, I definitely didn’t make the most of their time. This year I’ve already been to see several tutors and it is definitely worth it. Trust me, it could be the difference between a pass and a fail, or a second class degree and a first; however high you’re aiming your tutors are there for you – USE THEM!

This year I’m part of the School of English Learning Community Forum which is one of the links my School have set up between the students and staff. One of our main aims this year is to encourage more students to go and see staff out of contact hours – you don’t need to have a problem, you can just go along for a chat about a subject you enjoy if you like!

Tip for the day; if you’re struggling with coursework, try a change of scenery. Being sick of the sight of my flat/ the library today I caught a bus into town and sat in a Starbucks writing; so much fresh inspiration!

My new technique for displaying notes; using hair clips to pin them to the curtains! Works wonders.

Enjoy your week,


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