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The British Quidditch Cup 2015

Now that Helen Freeman has introduced you to quidditch at Nottingham, it’s time to get competitive and aim for the cup… The British Quidditch Cup is a national quidditch tournament at which teams from all around the country face off against each other. BQC is the highlight of the quidditch calendar and this year the …

Quidditch in Nottingham? You bet!

Brooms up! Helen Freeman would like to introduce you to competitive quidditch.  I know what you’re thinking – no, we don’t fly. It’s an unfortunate consequence of not living in the Harry Potter universe. Quidditch is like a cross between rugby and dodgeball, with a bit of wrestling thrown in for good measure. It’s a fully …

U Canoe Unleashed on Highfields Lake

Why was Highfields Lake crammed with canoes last week? Maths student Luke Williams explains.  Until my second year at University I had no experience kayaking. My friend from home started playing Canoe Polo and knowing how clumsy he was I thought “how hard could this be?” so started to try something new. I’ve spent the …

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