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Welcome to the CASR Blog!

The Centre for Applied Social Research [CASR] is based in the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Nottingham.   This CASR blog is dedicated to sharing the ideas, research and experiences of centre members and others who contribute to the Centre and share its interests and concerns.  CASR is a home for academics, researchers, and PhD students from a range of disciplines, including sociology, social work, social policy, public policy, and criminology who share an interest in applied social science, state interventions into personal lives and scholarship.

Centre members are actively involved in research into areas such as vulnerable adults, dementia, children in care, child protection, children with disabilities, adult mental health, professional – service user / patient communication in health and social care. The blog will reflect these interests and cover a range of subjects, including: social policy, social work, social care, health, and criminal justice practices, all linked by a core concern with the processes and practices of social regulation, caring and the nature and impact of social interventions.

The Centre has strong links with other Research Centres within the School, including the International Centre for Public and Social Policy, with the School’s Centre for Social Work, and The Ann Craft Trust.  The Centre’s research environment is also enhanced by University research Centres and networks such as the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) and the Children and Childhood Network.

If you’re interested in the Centre’s activities – or joining the centre – you can bookmark our Centre for Applied Social Research website, follow the school on Twitter or email us at casr@nottingham.ac.uk

Professor Harry Ferguson

Lisa Warwick, PhD candidate

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