March 14, 2017, by Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott

The Initiation of the UoN Law Blog

Welcome to the University of Nottingham Law Blog. This blog has been set up by the Ph.D. community at the School of Law to provide a platform for sharing contemporary ideas with wider communities. It will offer unique insights into the developments, challenges, and impact of law in various areas, as well as a source of information for potentially finding your next dream job, or perhaps just bringing to your attention an event you would like to attend. Content will be updated at least once per week – so don’t worry about having a lack of posts to read.

The blog will be run by several editors, who can be contacted for any enquiries. Submissions for publication will be assessed by the editors on their: (1) quality of English; (2) quality of content; (3) structure; (4) compliance with the blog’s guidelines (see below). If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch with the relevant editor(s) depending on what you would like to write about:

Public International Law

Human Rights


 Public Procurement

Criminal Law

EU Law

IP Law

Business Law

Events, Call for Papers and Jobs

Don’t worry if your submission falls into more than one (or none) of these categories, our team will sort this out with you – just email the subject editor(s) most closely related with your submission. Potential posts will be reviewed in a few days and decisions to publish may be made subject to editorial revisions.


The blog has the following guidelines for potential contributors, which must be adhered to:

  1. Contributor bio. A short summary of the writer’s research interests and professional/academic background.
  2. Length. Length of posts limited to 1,000 words – except in exceptional circumstances. Longer submissions can be split into more than one post if necessary and appropriate.
  3. Format. 1.5 line spacing, with spacing between paragraphs and headings in bold. Subheadings are not necessary.
  4. Citations. Should be limited to essentials and placed in parentheses immediately after the referenced work.
  5. No footnotes.
  6. Hyperlinks. Insert embedded hyperlinks to relevant material within contributions.

Online blogs are an important part of modern-day society because they allow new ideas to be shared and learning to continue in a way that can keep up with our fast-paced world. The clear intention of the UoN Law Blog is to assist others with their work by acting as a source of information, a place for individual expression, and a tool to learn more about law.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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