January 29, 2020, by Rob Ounsworth

PhD student Colette is research quiz winner

PhD student Colette Milbourn is our 2019 research quiz champion and winner of this chocolate wreath created by Louisa’s Vegan Chocolates of Nottingham.

Colette, who is studying neuroimaging and is based in the School of Biosciences, correctly answered questions relating to research at the University over the past year.

The chocolate wreath was made from cocoa grown by female farmers in Columbia as part of a project led by the Future Food Beacon of Excellence that brought together producers, Louisa’s Vegan Chocolates and scientists. The aim is to help farmers to better control the cocoa’s flavour during fermentation, allowing them to sell their beans on the ‘super-premium’ chocolate market.

The competition was promoted in the December of Discover, the University’s research and knowledge exchange e-newsletter.

To recap, here’s the quiz questions (and answers), with links to stories that inspired them:

Q: 2019 was the International Year of the Periodic Table (#IYPT2019). What is #IYPT2019 champion Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff’s favourite element?
A: Sodium (Na)
‘Na’ was his mother’s childhood nickname and Martyn’s own children called their grandmother ‘Na’, too. 

 Q: The University landed £45 million funding for doctoral training centres this year. How many centres are in our portfolio?
 A: 43
This includes our newest centre, Sustainable Hydrogen, which aims to train new hydrogen energy innovation leaders who will help the UK successfully transition towards a low-carbon economy. 

Q: Research Fellow Dr Helen Russell helped capture this breathtaking image,  showing the merger of two clusters of galaxies. It celebrates the 20th anniversary of which NASA ‘great observatory’
A: Chandra X-ray Observatory

Q: This year, Professor Patrick Chau became Vice-Provost for Research At University of Nottingham Ningbo China. As of February 2019, what was his total number of citations in Google Scholar
A: By February 2019, Patrick had over 17,500 citations in Google Scholar.

Q: Professor Liz Sockett became our first female academic elected to the Royal Society. Which predatory bacteria does she study
A:  Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus

Q: Professor Dominic Foo was elected as fellow to the Academy of Sciences  At University of Nottingham Malaysia. Which of the following awards has Dominic also received?
Top Research Scientist Malaysia
Outstanding Young Malaysian Award
Vice-Chancellor’s Achievement Award
A: Dominic is a winner of all of these awards

Q: Wonder is the University’s largest community engagement event. How many visitors did Wonder attract?
A: 5,500 visitors 

Q: Professor Paul Mizen led a Bank of England survey into the impact of Brexit on UK business. How many business leaders took part?
A: 8,000 businesses 

Q: Dr Rachael Tarlinton’s research could help protect koalas. What is the rate of their decline in parts of Australia?
A: 1 in 4

Q:  Which leading Nottingham chocolatier is in partnership with the Future Food Beacon of Excellence and female Colombia cocoa growers?
A: Luisa’s Vegan Chocolates

Q: The Institute for Policy and Engagement is launched on 28 October in London. How many legs featured among the panel contributors?
A: 86 – the SpiderLab’s Dr Sara Goodacre, a member of the three-strong panel, was joined by 10 eight-legged guests. 

Q: We are ranked 2nd in the UK for funds raised from selling shares in spin-out companies. How much was raised in 2017-18?
A: £11.5 million 










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