'Green light for Chemistry' team at #SummerScience 2019

September 4, 2019, by Isabel Bleach

Royal Society calls for proposals

The Royal Society is inviting scientists to be a part of the UK’s most inspiring research showcase, the Summer Science Exhibition. Set to return in 2020, the deadline for applications is fast approaching

Every year, the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition offers scientists the coveted opportunity to present their hard work to more than 14,000 people (including young people, policy makers and Fellows of the Royal Society).

Seven days of celebrating discovery and innovation, the south-west London exhibition offers the chance for researchers to expand on their discoveries and future plans, in turn exposing important research to future innovators.

Applications for the next cohort of exhibitors are now open and will close on Tuesday 10 September at 3pm. The exhibition will run from 6 – 12 July 2020.

Do you want to raise the profile of your research? Summer Science is a unique opportunity to do so. A previous exhibitor said it is “one of the most enjoyable and satisfying outreach opportunities that I have ever taken part in. The range of background of visitor is so wide that almost each encounter brings up something new.”

This year, the University was lucky enough to have two stands at the week-long event. ‘Green Light for Chemistry’ from the School of Chemistry focussed on the role of photochemistry and electrochemistry in streamlining the manufacture of chemicals. ‘SuperBiomaterials to fight Superbugs’ came from the School of Pharmacy, and promoted the discovery of a bacteria-resistant material called Bactigon that could help to prevent hospital-acquired infections.

Continue the University’s residence at the Summer Science Exhibition and submit your proposal to become one of the lucky 21 research exhibits today. You’ll find a host of useful resources to assist in the completion of your proposal on the Royal Society website. Apply no later than 3pm on Tuesday 10 September 2019.

Want to know more? Direct all enquiries in regards to Summer Science Exhibitions to exhibition@royalsociety.org. You can also find comprehensive information about the event here.

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