November 27, 2018, by Rob Ounsworth

Discovery. For the world: celebrating the impact of our exceptional research

Discovery. For the world

This is the message the University of Nottingham and our partners are sharing as we celebrate the impact of our exceptional research across the world.

We echoed this message at the University’s Knowledge Exchange and Impact Awards 2018, which recognised the contribution of outstanding individuals and teams to our mission of delivering research that transforms lives, writes Professor Dame Jessica CornerPro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange.

It was an honour and a privilege, as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, to introduce colleagues who are bringing about such positive changes in Nottingham, the UK and beyond.

Our fundamental discoveries are making a real difference in fields such as healthcare, transport, human rights, food and nutrition. Our partners, in industries from aerospace to energy, agriculture to education, inspire us to collaborate in delivering real-world products and solutions. Policymakers are also better equipped to protect the vulnerable or prepare societies for complex challenges thanks to our insights.

We invited many of our friends and partners to share such successes at the Knowledge Exchange and Impact Awards.

Today we’re also sharing these inspiring stories with the wider world – please watch this video, which gives an introduction into how our research is addressing challenges faced across the globe.

Discovery. For the world highlights the University as a world-leading hub of transformative research. It’s also important to salute our partners and collaborators – their support and shared belief in the power of knowledge-sharing magnifies the impact of our discoveries in the real world.

And we are demonstrating to the wider public why research matters: it drives innovation and transforms lives.

Our campaign is inspired by the dedication of such pioneers as Barrie Hayes-Gill (the winner of the Vice-Chancellor’s award Knowledge Exchange and Impact) and Graham Seymour.

Professor Hayes-Gill’s breakthrough in wireless foetal monitoring, creation of a spin-out and subsequent sale to GE Healthcare, is saving lives and improving outcomes for countless mothers-to-be and newborn babies.

Professor Seymour is a plant geneticist whose discovery and collaboration with the agro-biotech company Syngenta will transform the tomato worldwide, from production to consumption.

We will tell these and other inspiring stories in Discovery. For the world

Please look out for stories in the media, eye-catching display materials and social media activity that imaginatively captures the inventiveness and impact of our people and our research.

And please do share these stories and help celebrate our partnerships and world-changing discoveries:


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