September 18, 2018, by Rob Ounsworth

Researchfish: a vital tool for assessing research impact

The Research Excellence Framework has driven a growing focus on the importance of demonstrating the impact of our research, and Researchfish is a valuable tool in supporting this.

Researchfish is an online platform that allows researchers to report to funders on the outcomes, outputs and impact of their discoveries.

The University of Nottingham was the first research organisation to subscribe to Researchfish in 2012. Professor Dame Jessica Corner, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, said the platform provided an essential picture of how investment in research links to impact.

This enables research funders to measure research impact and report on over £45 billion of funding to government, their donors and other stakeholders, and so demonstrating the value of research.

By informing stakeholders about our world-changing research, our funders can produce reports to government and other organisations outlining what has been achieved through their funding, using case studies from Researchfish as examples of excellence.

Dame Jessica added: “By using Researchfish you’ll be feeding into important reports such as this, and raising your research profile in the process.

“The 2019 Researchfish period commences on the 4 February 2019 – 14 March 2019. I am sure you recognise the importance of collating data and reporting as part of the research process.

“The University’s Researchfish submission rate for 2018 was 99.48% and I wish to thank you for continuing to input to, and support, Researchfish is this commendable way.”University of Nottingham 2017/18 response to ResearchfishIf you require any further assistance or information please contact  Zahra Sheraz, Research Strategy Manager – Analytics, or email




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