June 25, 2018, by Rob Ounsworth

Supporting open access, boosting your research profile

Guest blog by Tony Simmonds, Senior Research Librarian, Faculty of Social Sciences.

With over 15,000 articles in the University of Nottingham’s open access repository to date, our researchers are making high-quality research freely and instantly available to be read by a world-wide audience. This commitment to the open sharing of knowledge is something in which everyone should take pride.

To support this commitment, experts from the Library’s Research Support Team are always on hand to help you realise the benefits of open research, and achieve REF compliance.

It bears repeating that since 1 April 2016, in order for a journal article or a conference paper to be REF eligible, it should be deposited in the University’s open access repository within three months of acceptance for publication.

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Simply email openaccess@nottingham.ac.uk for informed and friendly guidance from colleagues who know the policies and processes inside out.

The same Library team contributes to the University’s Publication Framework, particularly overseeing and updating its Researcher Guidance. This includes a one-page publication checklist that deals with open access, along with a range of other challenges associated with making publications count, such as managing data assets, exploiting your ORCID iD and building your scholarly profile. The Research Support Team can help you navigate each of these, as well as answer your queries.

To discuss training on open access or any other aspect of maximising the value of publications, contact the team who will be pleased to arrange anything from a ten-minute slot at a school meeting, to a bespoke half-day workshop: library-researchsupport@nottingham.ac.uk.

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