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April 10, 2018, by Sophie Moyses

University of Nottingham academics appointed to UK panels for REF 2021

Academics and research leaders from the University of Nottingham have been appointed to Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2021 panels for both criteria setting and assessment. These appointments follow a nominations process, where subject associations and organisations with an interest in research were invited to nominate candidates.

The REF 2021 exercise will take place in three phases: criteria setting, submission and assessment. The criteria setting phase will take place in 2018, and colleagues appointed to the main REF panels and subject focussed sub-panels for this phase will be involved in the development of detailed guidance and criteria for the REF 2021 assessment as well as in the assessment itself.

Colleagues appointed to sub-panels for the assessment phase will take up their roles following the REF submission in November 2020.

Professor Dame Jessica Corner, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Exchange, has been appointed to serve as a member of the sub-panel for Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy.

Dame Jessica said: “I am honoured to be nominated for this role. I am also delighted that so many colleagues at the University of Nottingham have been appointed to serve in supporting preparations for and the implementation of REF.

“They have been recognised by peers for expertise in their field and understanding of priorities in the wider research landscape. I congratulate them for this achievement and for their commitment to their disciplines in the work they will undertake as panel members and assessors.”

The University of Nottingham panel members for REF 2021 are:

  • Main Panel A: Medicine, Health and Life Sciences – Professor Peter Morris (interdisciplinary member)
  • Main Panel B: Physical Sciences, Engineering and Mathematics – Professor Tom Rodden

Criteria phase sub-panel members

  • Clinical Medicine – Professor Ian Hall
  • Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy – Professor Dame Jessica Corner
  • Mathematical Sciences – Professor John King (interdisciplinary advisor)
  • Computer Science and Informatics – Professor Tom Rodden (chair)
  • Engineering – Professor Trevor Benson
  • Architecture, Built Environment and Planning – Professor Jonathan Hale
  • Economics and Econometrics – Professor Simon Gaechter (interdisciplinary adviser)
  • Law – Professor David Fraser

Assessment phase sub-panel members

  • Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care – Professor Tony Avery
  • Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience – Professor Helen Cassaday
  • Chemistry – Professor Jonathan Hirst
  • Physics – Professor Mark Fromhold
  • Mathematical Sciences – Professor Andrew Wood
  • Politics and International Studies – Professor Katharine Adeney
  • Modern Language and Linguistics – Professor Judith Still

Further sub-panel members and assessors will be appointed in 2020, following a survey of institutions’ intentions to submit to REF 2021.

More information on REF 2021 panel appointments

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