April 2, 2015, by Lindsay Brooke

British Science Association Media Fellowships – deadline approaching

This is on the News Room blog but just in case you missed it.

There are just a few hours left to apply for a funded place on the British Science Association’s Media Fellowship Scheme. Deadline tomorrow.

If you have a real enthusiasm for science communication – and can give examples to support this – then read on.

Additional info you might find useful:

This scheme is for practising scientists. Postdoc researchers are eligible as long as they have a minimum of 2 years postgraduate experience in their particular field.

You need to have a very clear idea of:

Your motivations to be a Media Fellow – what do you want to learn?

Have a willingness to experiment with your communication style and try new things.

Provide your plans to disseminate learning and media engagement across the institution.

 What would help your application:

Experience of explaining your research to non-expert audiences.

Have you written for a non-scientific audience – writing for a non-expert audience – newspapers, newsletters, writing competitions, websites, blogs, lay summaries on grant applications?

Have you any experience of the broadcast media such as being interviewed or producing a podcast or film – if so provide examples and say how it went and what you learnt from the experience.

Have you participated in any communications and/or media training – and explain what you learnt.

Explain which area of the media interests you most and why.

You can access the application form via the British Science Association website. The following link gives you more details about the scheme, tips and details of eligibility:


How it works

Friday April 3rd: applications close.
May: all applicants are notified about the outcome of their application
Thursday 28th May: briefing/ training day, London
July – September: Fellows complete a three- to six-week placement, booked according to the media host and the Fellow availability
September: British Science Festival media launch, London
September: Fellows attend the British Science Festival, in Bradford, as a representative of their media host organisation
Thursday 29th October: debriefing day, London

Want more help?

Here’s the link to the original blog:

Alternatively, call Lindsay Brooke, Media Relations Manager, Communications Dept: lindsay.brooke@nottingham.ac.uk or call me on 0115 9515751.

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