July 19, 2013, by Tara de Cozar

Gurkhas get lunch!

Some nice pics here on the Practical Action Flickr stream. UoN engineers are working with Practical Action and Kathmandu University on the Score-stove – which is designed to be a clean cooking stove. This is of particular relevance in Nepal as cooking on open fires in popular – and as it’s so cold there, this mostly happens indoors. The VC of Kathmandu University and the Nepalese Minister for Education visited the project this week, and Practical Action arranged for the stove to be tested out by the Gurkhas stationed at the Queen’s Gurkha Signals barracks in Warwickshire on Thursday. Looks like they put the stove through its paces… the local BBC News team turned up to cover the event – it’s currently scheduled to be screened on Tuesday.

Practical Action are running a campaign with the Nepalese government to raise awareness of the dangers of smoke cooking and to promote clean cookers.


A Gurkha cooking on the Score-stove

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