August 6, 2012, by Tara de Cozar

Nottingham researchers – it’s all about the money

Calling Nottingham researchers! Advice is available from Research and Graduate Services on funding available from the European Commission. Matthew Rackley is the person to speak to. He sent this message out, but I thought it was worth repeating in case you missed it.

“This week the final and largest ever raft of FP7 calls have been published by the European Commission. Detailed work programmes across ten domains of the Cooperation Programme will specify topics under which proposals are invited. Most of these calls require a consortium response including partners across Europe. Calls are also launched for the important ERC and Marie Curie Programmes.

After these forthcoming calls, with various Autumn and Winter deadlines, there will be a break before the first calls under the successor to FP7 – called Horizon 2020 – gets underway, with the first Horizon 2020 calls published in 2014.

Given the projected availability of national funding sources, European funding is becoming increasingly relevant as part of a balanced research portfolio. Also, the Commission expects some of these calls to “act as a bridge” to the forthcoming Horizon 2020 Programme, making these calls of particular strategic importance.

Summary and links to details of the calls is available via the UKRO website

There is considerable support available to those interested in applying to these calls. For details on the support available, questions about the calls or positioning for Horizon 2020, or any other queries related to EU funding, please contact Matthew Rackley in RGS (ext 13285).”

Get in touch with him if you need any more info – he’s very nice and will give all the support you need.

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