November 30, 2015, by Editor

Learning from our students

Dr Li-Chia Chen writes about her experience leading the ‘Teaching Project’ on our new fourth year Integrated Pharmaceutical and Patient Care module.

Teaching Pack review - presentation

Teaching Pack review -presentation

This module is my first experience of facilitating problem-based learning and peer teaching on such a big scale (240 students). The thing that has really excited me during this module has been witnessing the transition of the students from learners into facilitators/educators themselves. I heard so many brilliant ideas during the tutorials this week – instead of giving their peers handouts, some students had set up a comprehensive and well-designed website with all the information, ideas and videos for their colleagues to view. Also, instead of teaching the case studies that we designed for them during problem-based learning sessions, some students altered the case studies and made a video themselves to inspire their peers about the key learning objectives.

Crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzle

When I walked around and checked the students’ Teaching Pack Review sessions (a 15 minute rehearsal of their teaching), I observed four different teaching methods within 10 minutes! A Prezi presentation, a white board discussion, a small group discussion, and a crossword exercise. I was so inspired by those students and learned so much from them.



Dr Li-Chia Chen is an Assistant Professor at the School of Pharmacy.

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