November 23, 2014, by Faye Greenwood

Malaysia memories and 3rd year reality

Hello all,

After a year away I am breaking my silence…I started blogging a bit (well only twice but you know poetic license) in first year. Last year I became even more unfaithful to Pharm Life, however I have a valid excuse…sort of. I was actually cheating on the UK with Malaysia spending a year out at the campus outside of KL, what can I say I’m easily convinced by sunshine and travelling! If any of you reading this are considering going to Malaysia I would say definitely go for it, it was an amazing year and I couldn’t recommend it more highly, I did keep a blog of my experiences so if you’re interested you can have a gander ( or comment on the post with any questions you might have.

After settling back into Nottingham life, a few hectic modules and a week of dispensing, an essay deadline and a maths test (the joys of 3rd year), I will hopefully be posting more often so watch this space.



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