October 6, 2014, by Editor

A busy summer and start to the new academic year

This week’s blog is from our Head of School, Professor Clive Roberts:

A busy summer and start to the new academic year

After the summer examination period many outside University believe this to be a quiet time for academics. The reality is very different (honestly). This is a time when we try and squeeze in our preparation for the forthcoming teaching year (and whilst we are in the midst of rolling out the new 4 year and 5 year MPharm courses that’s a lot of preparation!) alongside really pushing forward on our own research. This means supporting our postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers in our groups as well as writing grant applications to seek funding for new research ideas, finishing off those research papers that have been 90% done for the last year or attending and presenting at UK and international research conferences. I was fortunate to be able to present some of my work with colleagues and postgraduates in the School and in Engineering using 3D printers to make solid-dosage forms and devices at the Controlled Release Society in Chicago in July, a great meeting and also a city I had always wanted to visit. Watching the World Cup Final in a sports bar in Chicago along with many students and Prof Yvonne Perrie (meeting organiser and Head of School of Pharmacy at Aston) was definitely a highlight.


A 3D printed inhaler.  Printed in one piece with working hinge and piercing pin.

Enjoying the World Cup in Chicago, note the carefully coordinated colours showing support for Germany.


One of the biggest pleasures I have had as Head of School over the summer was the opportunity to be ‘front-of-house’ in our School Open Days which ran on a Fri and Saturday in June and September. I was very proud to see how much effort all our staff and student helpers put into these days to really try and engage with prospective future students and their parents.


Finally, as is traditional over the summer whilst the campus is quieter we have been trying to fit in all our building work that needs doing. This year is particularly exciting as an important part of this work has been to remodel the ground floor of the Pharmacy Building. A lot of people have fed into the success of this project but particular thanks go to Matthew Boyd and Paul Worts who have made a wonderful job of this new teaching facility which has a large multifunctional atrium, small and large workshop spaces and ten interlinked Professional Development Rooms.

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