January 13, 2014, by Editor

What is ISAC?


This week’s blog is provided by Dr Matthew Piggott, the Business Manager from ISAC:

What is ISAC?
ISAC is the Interface and Surface Analysis Centre. Its role is to market and coordinate access to the combined surface analytical facilities and expertise across the University of Nottingham (UoN) and at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). Based in the School of Pharmacy, the centre is the brainchild of Professor Morgan Alexander and brings together world leading instrumentation, techniques and experts in materials characterisation, nanotechnology, biomolecular analysis, mechanical engineering and beyond. The centre is an entry point for commercial customers to quality analysis and interpretation in a variety of scientific and industrial applications (e.g. manufacturing processes, failure analysis and product development). ISAC also works to attract and bring together complementary technical and theoretical skill bases to collaborate in new and exciting research projects in surface science.
For more details on ISAC, or to get in touch, visit their website at http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/isac

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