Kevin Shakesheff

July 30, 2013, by Kevin Shakesheff

Last day as Head of School

After 4 very busy years I’m passing the reigns over to Professor Clive Roberts who will be Head of School from Friday. I’ve got mixed feelings about stepping down from the role. On the one hand it has genuinely been enjoyable to work with staff and students as we’ve introduced a lot of changes in the UK and Malaysia but its also been a struggle to support my very large research team when Head of School duties take up so much time. Contrary to some rumours I’m not leaving the School! I’ll be in the same office and will teach the same modules next academic year.

A few reflections on the last 4 years. I’m not just saying this because its expected of me … the commitment of our students to PharmSoc, BPSA, and many aspects of the School has been a big highlight. Its also been great that more and more staff have got involved in student led events such as SPICE, the student/staff quiz, the Stevens Cup and the Pharmacy Ball. Seeing the School grow and mature in Malaysia has also been great and I shall miss the food and the people in KL. I’m very proud of the innovations that have been introduced by staff on the MPharm. The new case studies, the currently under construction new pharmacies and the really tricky issue of how to give better feedback have taken up a lot of staff time. We’ve certainly not got everything right especially the first time we have tried new things but I’m convinced that if we stay committed to enhancing student experience we will create a very special course.

I’m hoping to keep involved in the evolution of pharmacy in the UK. Serving on the Department of Health’s Modernising Pharmacy Careers Board for the last 3 years has been a privilege and I intend to keep promoting pharmacy and the role of pharmacists in the future. For students who are ambitious this is the best time to be graduating from a Pharmacy degree. The opportunities in the future for public health improvement, optimising medicines use and being the front line of patient interactions in the community are presenting big opportunities for pharmacists but we will have to fight to prove that we are ready for enhanced clinical roles. I believe the Nottingham course is the best preparation for this exciting but challenging future (extremely biased view!!).

Many thanks for great support form staff and students during my time as Head.





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