June 11, 2013, by Niall

SPICE – The Cultural Extravaganza!

SPICE is the School of Pharmacy International and Cultural Evening, a hotly anticipated event in all Pharmacy students’ diaries. It is an annual event which takes place in the Great Hall of the Trent Building on campus and this year was bigger than ever.

SPICE was created to celebrate the immense diversity of cultures within the Pharmacy School.  The school has particularly strong links with the Malaysian campus due to the possibility of years abroad being offered (the ‘2+2’ student split between Nottingham and Malaysia).  There are also diverse opportunities to study abroad for 4th year projects.  The pharmacy department has a truly wonderful multicultural mix of students and staff alike which is celebrated at SPICE.Africultural

This year’s line-up was packed, with a great mix of students on the Pharmacy course with Societies part of the Student Union to showcase themselves. The line-up included:

  1. Africultural (An all-female African Dance group, showcasing the unique cultural heritage of Africa).
  2. Indian Dance Society (A mix of male/females performing a variety of Indian dance forms).Hoop Soc
  3. Hula Hoop Society (Showed us all there is a lot more to hula hooping!).
  4. Break Dance Society.
  5. Shoheb Khan and Paschal Uche (Fourth Year students on the MPharm, gave us a wonderful mock-up of popular songs mixed with their own words relating to the BNF and Pharmacy!).
  6. Revival Gospel Choir (Performed a range of songs from gospel to jazz and pop).
  7. Dance Society.LBSS
  8. Pharmahonics (The Pharmacy Orchestra led by the PharmSoc president deputed this year at SPICE).
  9. Pharmacy Student Dance Group.
  10. Latin and Ballroom Society(With some members of Pharmacy).
  11. The School of Pharmacy Staff Band (They jokingly call themselves ‘Not Fit To Practice’ and our SPICE annual headlines. Featuring four of our very own staff members playing hits from Teenage Kicks to Parklife!).

Throughout the night food from a variety of cultures was available including Chinese/Indian and Henna Hand Drawings were available too! SPICE was on offer to everyone and we had a wonderful mix of staff and students from all departments. The Pharmacy Society is a Gold Star society and the School was awarded the ‘Best School’ at this year’s Staff Oscars, SPICE played a large part in these terrific achievements.


SPICE will be returning in the Spring next year and I urge you to come along and experience this wonderful night which really showcases the School of Pharmacy.


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