June 3, 2013, by Faye Greenwood

Freshers, friends and ‘Phanta’

With exam results in, goodbyes said and packing done I was on my way to Nottingham.  Everything but the kitchen sink was strategically packed into the car and the nervousness was tangible as we drove to Nottingham, well more specifically, to Rutland Hall.

On hearing I’d got a place at halls I did the obligatory googling and to my displeasure discovered Rutland was perceived as the ‘Slytherin’ of all halls so my apprehension about where I was to spend the next academic year was undeniable. However, I decided it was ‘character building’ and ‘meant to be’, views which I still maintain as if I’d changed halls like I first wanted, I would never have met the people who are my closest friends today. Lame I know, but true. This year wouldn’t have been the same without them.

Despite these concerns and after the initial awkwardness of playing team building exercises on the first night, freshers was in full swing with copious amounts of introductions and names forgotten and experiencing the night-life of Nottingham whilst dressed in questionable attire.


First year hasn’t been all play and no work, with a full timetable somewhat limiting nights out compared to other courses, lab reports and batch manufacturing records affectionately known as BMRs being the bane of every Pharmacy students life.

However, one particular highlight of the Pharmacy calendar was the ball with the glamour of a Champagne reception and fireworks juxtaposed by the equally fabulous cut out Elvis, candy-floss machine and some questionable dancing by lecturers.  The night encapsulated my year as a Pharmacy student with constant laughter and Pharmacy banter a.k.a ‘phanta’ filling the evening.  I can’t believe I’ve already done a year of uni, hours filled with personal statements and UCAS seem like only yesterday… roll on second year.


Top 5 tips for freshers:

  1. If you’re in catered halls bring snacks as hall food although edible is not the most satisfying.
  2. Go to all your lectures, even after that late night, after you miss a few it’s hard to get back into it and skipping becomes all too familiar.
  3. Look after yourself and keep the tissues and cold remedies at the ready for the obligatory ‘freshers flu’
  4. Be friendly, open and join societies, but be selective so you can actually go-you’ll meet like-minded people and the time gives you a break from work.
  5. Say ‘yes’ to things that are offered to you and make the most of every opportunity-who knows what it might lead to.

Finally…Have fun, you’re only a Pharmacy fresher once!

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