July 9, 2018, by Claire Henson

Pride – A Celebration

“I remember my first Nottinghamshire Pride, or Nottingham Pride as it was called back then. It was at the Forest Recreation Ground and it was baking hot. I was part of a stall representing the University of Nottingham alongside the LGBTQ Staff Network Chair Dr Max Biddulph. I remember being amazed at the colour, life and joy in front of my eyes. People laughing, holding hands, kissing, free to just enjoy themselves and be themselves even if just for a few hours. The Pride marches were joyous, noisy affairs, celebrating life and love through the streets of my home city.

Now Pride has moved to the City Centre and is more visible and colourful than ever before. Last year’s march snaked back down from St Peters Gate to the Broadmarsh, and there were rainbow buses, drummers, singing and dancing. Our University of Nottingham banner was there for all to see, alongside many other organisations and community groups across Nottinghamshire. Independent businesses throughout the City Centre flew rainbow flags and customers stood out on the streets to wave and cheer. It was the most beautiful day.

I am asked why we still need Pride, that surely we’re all equal now? I can see how that would be easy to think, with an increasing number of countries ruling in favour of equal marriage and strict laws in force to ban discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation as well as other protected characteristics. Whilst these are important strides forward, we still have a long way to go for LGBTQ equality, not just here in the UK, but across the world as well.

Pride is an opportunity for us to celebrate who we are and be with a community of people that love and support us. It’s about raising awareness and protesting injustice whilst also celebrating how far we’ve come. It’s also about extending the hand of friendship to anyone who wants to celebrate with us and to support those who may be struggling with social isolation.

Come by and say hello, have a dance and share a smile, everyone is welcome.

Wishing you all a very happy Pride season.”

The University of Nottingham at Nottinghamshire Pride 2018

The University of Nottingham will be at Nottinghamshire Pride again this year on Saturday 28th July to show our commitment to LGBTQ equality and to celebrate the community of which we are part. The University will be represented by Dr Max Biddulph (LGBT Staff Network Chair) alongside fellow network members. As well as proudly joining in with the march, the University will have its own stall full of freebies and information about LGBTQ equality in the UK and specifically within the Higher Education sector.

Dr Max Biddulph said: ‘I am delighted to represent the University of Nottingham at Nottinghamshire Pride again this year. Nottinghamshire Pride gives us an opportunity to celebrate our diverse University community, and to reflect on how far we’ve come whilst recognising there is more still to do. I look forward to marching alongside my many colleagues and friends, showing our united pride of our community and of our allies.’

For more information please contact the People and Culture team.


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