November 8, 2017, by Zoë Goodwin

Stress and Mental Health at Work

As part of the University of Nottingham’s Disability December programme, we are delighted to welcome Steve Metcalf to the University to discuss stress and mental health at work on Friday 1 December (12:00-13:30) in A13, Pope Building.

Steve Metcalf is the Director and Chief Trainer at Robustmind Mental Fitness Ldt, a leading provider in mental health first aid and mental health awareness.

This talk will focus on:

  • The causes of stress at work
  • The personal and organisational impact of stress
  • How employers can improve stress at work
  • Good and bad coping mechanisms for stress
  • How we can improve our own mental health and wellbeing

This event is open to staff at the University of Nottingham. Free. Lunch included.

Booking essential – click here.

About Steve

“Having left the Army after completing 39 years of service and having experienced the full effect of Service life from private soldier to Lieutenant Colonel; I am aware of the stresses and strains, the isolation and peer pressure, the demands and expectations placed upon our Service Personnel, their families and the wider Armed Forces Community. These life stresses are replicated amongst the general population who will experience similar pressures, demands, transitions and challenges within their own lives. These life pressures affect our mental health in a variety of ways and can affect us all at different stages of our lives. For the previous 6-years I was employed as the Unit Welfare Officer of a Tri-Service unit consistently deployed on combat operations around the world, and from Nov 12, as the Commanding Officer of the Londist Personnel Recovery Unit. As such I have been responsible for providing wounded, injured and sick (WIS) soldiers access to all medical and rehabilitation facilities, welfare support services and the full array of education and employment opportunities to aid their recovery and either return to duty or transition to civilian life.

Over the last 3 1/2 years I have been delivering mental health first aid (MHFA) training and awareness courses to the Police, NHS professionals, FCO staff, charities, large corporations, media companies, members of the finance industry, members general public and Armed Forces personnel. I have been extremely impressed by the positive attitude of participants and their willingness to learning about this subject for both work related and personal reasons.”

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