September 30, 2016, by Kirsty McKeown

Nottingham City Transport and the 4.3 metre SU President Ismail Sadurdeen!

Welcome to our first guest blog of the term, from Anthony at Nottingham City Transport:

Nottingham’s students play an integral part in the makeup of the city and form a significant chunk of the customers using Nottingham City Transport’s vast network of bus routes on an annual basis.

Through close partnership with The University of Nottingham and by listening to students through conversations with the Students’ Union, Nottingham City Transport is able to provide an excellent service to UON students with dedicated buses on to Jubilee Campus (Pink 31) and University Park Campus (Orange 34) which also have free Wi-Fi and late night services too.

These services are run with students in mind and who better to promote the services than the students who use them!

When travelling around Nottingham or walking around campus, you will more than likely see real-life local students fronting a number of Nottingham City Transport’s promotional campaigns. We find that they are proud to be associated with NCT and love seeing their larger than life images on the back of a bus or on a poster!

One such student, Ismail Sadurdeen, was happy to team up with us a couple of years ago and he made history this year by becoming the first ever international student to become Students’ Union President! Our tribute to mark this outstanding achievement was to name one of our Orange Uni 34 buses after Ismail, which comes with a 4.3 metre Ismail – or the bus boy as he has become affectionately known – on the back!

(Photoshoot 0716-017) Ismail Sadurdeen with his NCT bus.

We had a grand unveiling in July, where Ismail’s family, friends and lecturers came along to celebrate this landmark moment, and university staff and students can now see Ismail’s bus in operation along the Orange Uni 34 route on a daily basis between the City Centre, Derby Road and the convenient stops on University Park Campus.

(Photoshoot 0716-017) Ismail Sadurdeen (centre) with his NCT bus.

As the new Students’ Union president, we look forward to working with Ismail and continuing our close relationship with the Union, which over the years has delivered £1 student fares on our buses between the City and University and the introduction of double deck buses to meet the growing demand.

For the new 2016/7 academic year, we’re pleased to introduce a more frequent evening service during term time which will see buses every 15 minutes until midnight between University Park, Derby Road and the City Centre on Monday to Saturday nights.

We’re also introducing an extra Night Bus N34 from the City at 00:25 (in addition to the established 00:45 bus and then hourly through to 03:45), which are perfect for students looking to take advantage of Nottingham’s exciting nightlife! The N34 is also running all year round, not just during term time now.

With so many students relying on our buses to get to and from lectures, we offer affordable travel solutions – such as our Academic and Calendar Year passes – to help keep the cost of transport down whilst students live in our city. Passes bought before 22nd October 2016 are only £219 for an academic year, or just £10 more for a full calendar year – offering travel from just 65p per day!

You can buy your travel pass at Portland Building Reception until Friday 7th October or from our Travel Centre in Nottingham’s Old Market Square (NG1 2JS) until Saturday 22nd October 2016. Alternatively, visit and pay online and then collect your travel the next day.  All you need to do is bring your University ID card with you!

Nottingham’s students bring a very special diversity and vibrancy to our city and it’s a privilege to play such a big part in helping them travel cheaply, reliably and safely on our vast network each year.

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