June 1, 2015, by Kirsty McKeown

Celebrate the end of exams in style, but give a thought to your neighbours!

As most students are nearing the end of the exam period, we hope that you are looking forward to that idyllic time when your exams are over before you leave to enjoy the long summer ahead.

We value the diversity of our community in Nottingham; often this means that there are student houses next to young families, elderly residents and people who have to be up early for work or college.  We attend neighbourhood meetings and work closely with officers from Nottingham City Council, the Police and other partners where we get regular feedback on how we are doing as a neighbour.  Whilst non-student members of the community value having students in the heart of the community, our partners sometimes tell us that they get worried that the end of term could mean sleepless nights for them!

Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your end of term celebrations don’t disturb your neighbours:

  • Remember that the exam period lasts for 3 weeks and some people will be revising right up until Friday 5th June
  • Don’t forget that children in your area will be studying for SATs, GCSEs and A Levels, which continue until the end of the University term
  • If you have an end of term party remember to let your neighbours know well in advance, and plan it for a Friday or Saturday night
  • Consider the position of stereos and TVs (not next to walls), turn down the bass and keep your windows and doors shut so that your music doesn’t carry
  • Ask guests to keep their voices down when entering and leaving your property
  • When walking home bear in mind that your neighbours could be asleep

If you find that you are affected by noise from a party sometimes the issue can be resolved by politely knocking on the door and explaining the problem in a calm manner. However, if this does not work, Nottingham City Council advise that you ring the Community Protection ASB helpline on 0115 915 2020, or if a non-urgent crime is being committed you can call the non-emergency police number 101 to report it.

For further advice please contact Kirsty McKeown in the Off Campus team on 0115 7484517 or Kirsty.McKeown@nottingham.ac.uk

You can also contact Nottingham City Council directly to find out more via pollution.control@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or have a look at their Twitter feed @Envhealthnottm

Remember, everybody needs good neighbours!

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