January 30, 2015, by offcampus

Quieter Nights In Lenton

Do you live in Lenton? Have you spotted the new signs which have been put up on lampposts around the area?

Designed by local schoolchildren from Edna G Olds Primary School, the signs are designed to remind people living in the Lenton area to be respectful of their neighbours by keeping quiet at night.

The children carried out a project last summer and nearly a quarter of the students at the school reported that they had been woken up by late night noise. So the children worked with Nottingham City Council, with support from Nottinghamshire Police and the University of Nottingham, to design posters which would serve as a reminder that Lenton is a community made up of lots of different people, and that it’s important to keep the noise down and be respectful at night time.

noise sign Lenton

One of the easiest ways to help make sure everyone’s having sweet dreams in Lenton is to be mindful of any noise on the way to and from town for a night out. Ask taxis not to honk their horns on arrival, and wait inside with the doors closed until they do arrive. Be thoughtful about slamming doors and keep your voice down while you’re in the street. Easy!




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