September 10, 2014, by offcampus

A Welcome From The Divisional Commander

As the new term approaches, we’re delighted to welcome Chief Superintendent Steven Cooper, Divisional Commander for the City of Nottingham for Nottinghamshire Police, to the blog to welcome students back to the city and share a few handy pieces of advice.

Nottingham is a great city for people to live and study in. As the Divisional Commander for policing in the city of Nottingham, I am responsible for ensuring that all those who live, work and visit the city feel and are safe and confident.

The city has a permanent resident population of over 300,000.  This increases by over 60,000 during university term times, making you rightly and proudly a significant part of the Nottingham community.  Some areas of the city have significantly more student residents than permanent ones, so it is no wonder that I ask you, alongside the other city residents, to ensure you do your bit in keeping the city safe and ensuring everyone enjoys and respects the area where they live.

What we can do for you:

Every area of Nottingham has a dedicated Neighbourhood Beat Team, who are there for all local residents and visitors and deal with local crime and antisocial behaviour.  You can find your local Beat Team online.

You will also see the Neighbourhood Policing Teams frequently on campus or in student areas, where they are on hand to ensure you know how to protect yourselves and your property.

Dedicated policing operations take place throughout the year as part of our efforts to keep you safe and so you will regularly see officers and staff in uniform walking around your streets. Do stop and talk to them, as they will be able to provide you with crime prevention advice and answer any concerns or issues you may have.  They may occasionally knock on your door to ensure your premises remain secure.

What I would like you to do for me:

By taking a few simple steps together we can reduce the chances of you becoming a victim. Visit the Student Survival Guide which gives you detailed advice from the experts and can make a difference.

Property crime

Register all of your valuable property (laptops, tablets, smart phones, mp3s) for free on Immobilise as this will ensure we can return lost or stolen items to their rightful owners and also act as a deterrent to offenders.

If you have a smartphone, downloading or activating a simple tracking app such as Find My iPhone, where’s my Droid? Blackberry Protect or PREY, also means that if your phone is lost or stolen it can be tracked.

One in three burglaries happen because a door or window has been left open or unlocked, so keep your windows and doors shut and locked, leave a light on when you go out or fit a timer switch to give the impression that someone is in and don’t leave your valuables on view.

Finally does your house look and feel secure? If the answer is no then speak to your landlord.  If suitable repairs and security is not in place, you can report the issue to the City Council.


After a night out please return home as safely and quietly as possible.

If you are walking home, please keep to busy well-lit roads

Only use a taxi you can trust – use a licensed hackney cab from a legitimate taxi rank or pre-book a private hire taxi.  Do not jump in a random car however cheap the fare sounds. If you are using public transport try to travel with friends and let someone know where you are going to.

Being a good neighbour

Keep the outside of your property clean and tidy, and get to know your neighbours. Look out for each other, and if you are coming home late or are planning a party, do the decent thing by keeping the noise to a minimum and where possible, let people know in advance.

I hope you enjoy your time in Nottingham and by working together to keep you safe and respecting our city, we can all enjoy the city together.

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