April 1, 2014, by offcampus

You Go Together

front of postcard


Batman and Robin. Fish and chips —some things just go together.

in the frame with batman and robin

So when two caped crusaders (not to be mistaken for members of the University security team) landed at St Peter’s Court last night to launch the University’s latest campaign, the message was simple: stick together with your friends when out for the evening. The campaign aims to remind students about the importance of using licensed taxis, keeping their valuables safe and sticking to well-lit areas if walking late at night.

laughing linked with batman and robin

Batman and Robin will be out over the next two weeks on University Park, Jubilee Campus and Sutton Bonington to talk to students about keeping safe, giving out torch keyrings and rhubarb and custard lollipops.reverse of postcard

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