October 14, 2013, by offcampus

National Personal Safety Day

Today is National Personal Safety Day, and to mark the day we’re sharing some top tips from the Streets Ahead campaign to maximise your personal safety while you’re out.

  • You should always plan ahead – think about where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. Do you know your route and whether it’s busy and well-lit?
  • Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings and look ahead. Stay alert and avoid wearing headphone or using your mobile phone when you’re on your own as this can be a distraction.
  • Think ahead – try to walk facing oncoming traffic wherever possible. If you become uncomfortable, head for a safe place immediately.

If you’ve got those points in mind, you can go ahead and get out and about. Nottingham is a safe city, but by bearing these tips in mind you can minimise any risks and feel safe and confident when out on the street.

Of course, we’d always recommend travelling with friends on a night out, and, if you call a cab, using a reputable taxi firm.

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