June 3, 2013, by offcampus

Summer Clear Out

With the exam period drawing to a close and the sunshine finally coming out, it’s time to start thinking about the summer. For many students it’s a return to your hometown, or a chance to go off adventuring elsewhere, and for some you’ll be sticking around in Nottingham, working or studying. Whatever your plans are, many of you will be moving out of your current properties and we know that this can mean you have more rubbish than usual. Luckily, Nottingham City Council have got a plan to help you deal with it!

If you live in Lenton or Dunkirk, the likelihood is that you live in one of the Council’s Action Zones – if you want to check, just leave a comment on this blog and we’ll let you know. These areas will be receiving special attention regarding waste management over the next six weeks. So, what does that actually mean for you?

Basically, the Council are working really hard to ensure it’s as easy as possible for you to dispose of your end of year waste, so:

  • ‘Clear all’ waste collections will be taking place, which means that any domestic waste you put out over the next six weeks will be collected.
  • Recycling collections will continue as usual – so keep on separating your recyclables. Need a reminder of what you can recycle? Check the City Council’s website.
  • Extra collections will be taking place throughout the six week period to make sure nothing gets missed.
  • There will be special extra bulky waste collections in each action zone – you’ll receive an email to let you know when to expect yours.
  • Additional staff will be working to put bins back inside property boundaries to stop bins accumulating on the street – so do leave your bin out to be emptied when you leave. It’ll be put back and you won’t be fined.

When most students have moved out, there will also be a deep clean to get the area looking at its best.


If you’ve got any questions, feel free to leave them in a blog comment and we’ll get back to you.

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