March 25, 2013, by offcampus

Lenton Triangle – Proposed Parking Changes

Do you live on any of the following streets in Lenton, or are you planning to next year?

Cottesmore Road
Bute Avenue
Teversal Avenue
Rothesay Avenue
Kimbolton Avenue
Derby Grove
Albert Grove
Balfour Road

If you do, the Council are proposing some changes to parking regulations on your street which may affect you.

The Council is looking to modify the three existing Resident Parking scheme zone areas in the Lenton Triangle into one large scheme, allowing residents the flexibility to park in any of the streets within the Lenton Triangle. The proposal is that the scheme will allow permit holders to park on their street in a manner that they feel fit, as there will be no road markings for the permit holder only bays, so long as parking does not cause an obstruction. Limited waiting and non-resident parking would still take place in marked bays.

The intention of the proposed scheme is to:

–          Increase the parking space available to residents

–          Enable the reduction of the size of the existing ‘Controlled Zone’ signs with smaller ‘Permit Holders’ signs

–          Allow the reduction in the amount of lining as all residents’ parking bay markings could be removed

–          Reduce the amount of signing in the area by approximately 25%

These restrictions will be introduced throughout the above listed roads on an experimental basis for 18 months before being made permanent. This will allow the authority to monitor how parking practices are affected and ensure that the locations of restrictions are appropriate. Amendments can also be made to the arrangements during the experimental period.

Douglas Road, Seely Road, Arundel Street and Wellington Square could be included in the scheme if residents wish it after the first phase.

If you do have any comments or objections on this proposal, you should mark them ‘Proposed Experimental Order – Lenton Triangle (TME 6977) and address them in writing to:

Traffic and Safety
Loxley House
Station Street

The deadline for comments to be received is 9th April 2013.

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