March 18, 2013, by offcampus

Be A Sweet Neighbour – Campaign Launch

Today we welcome our Advantage Award student Marianne to the blog to tell you all about the launch of the Be A Sweet Neighbour campaign on Wednesday.


Strawberries having a cup of tea

One of the campaign’s eye-catching strawberry logos.


This Wednesday we are launching our ‘Be a Sweet Neighbour’ campaign, alongside the Nottingham in Bloom Campaign. Visit us in the Portland Building between 11 and 2 to see what we’re all about… and get some tasty strawberry giveaways!

We’re aiming to promote the idea of getting to know your neighbours – it benefits you and the community you’re a part of. Getting to know your neighbour can be beneficial in three key ways:


Knowing your neighbour can provide a great opportunity for students to meet people of different ages and backgrounds and make great friends.


Once you know your neighbour they are much more likely to keep an eye out for you, whether you’ve gone home for the weekend or the holidays. They may alert you to any suspicious behaviour, tell if your alarm is going off, or even let you know when you leave a window open!


Knowing your neighbours makes you much more likely to respect one another, whether it’s turning the music down or being quiet when coming in from a night out. Getting to know your neighbour can create a much friendlier and happier environment.

It might feel a bit awkward to knock on a neighbour’s door and see if they are free for a chat, but to make things easy for you we will be giving everyone who comes along to our stall a postcard with a strawberry tea bag attached. Then, when you get home, just write the postcard to your neighbour, and invite them to meet you for a cup of tea. Once you have arranged to meet them you can have a cuppa together and get to know each other. Then before you know it, as you get to know your neighbours a little better, you will start to recognise the benefits!

Also at the stall, you have the chance of seeing one of us dressed up as a giant strawberry, along with getting some free strawberry lollies and cupcakes. Nottingham in Bloom will have a stall nearby and will be giving away free strawberry plants to all you green fingered students out there, so you can grow your own fruit on your windowsill.

But most importantly visit our stall and find out how you can be a Sweet Neighbour!

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