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February 21, 2013, by offcampus

Love Your Stuff – February 2013

The start of February brought with it the Lenton and Dunkirk Week of Action. If you live in those areas, hopefully you will have seen leaflets advertising everything that was going on, or maybe been along to some of the events. Maybe you even found one of our student ambassadors on your doorstep on a Tuesday night as part of the Love Your Stuff campaign.

The City Council organises Weeks of Action to really put their focus onto a particular area. Community partners come together to help clean up the area, bring residents together at community events and share important information.

Staff from the Off Campus Student Affairs department were out and about as part of the Week of Action every day and Tuesday’s door to door crime prevention campaign in Dunkirk was a major part of our contribution. Ten very enthusiastic ambassadors joined up with Community Protection Officers and Police Community Support Officers and hit the street (in the snow!) to share some handy hints about the best ways to avoid being a victim of burglary. Going door to door is a great way to get the message out, especially when it’s coming from students to their peers. We also found that permanent residents who met our ambassadors were really interested in the campaign, and in receiving the crime prevention information.

So, what are the best ways to Love Your Stuff (and keep it!)?

  1. Close it and lock it – don’t give burglars a helping hand. Make sure you lock your doors, rooms and windows when leaving your property
  2. Be smart – mark your laptops and cameras etc using Smartwater
  3. Immobilise – register all your valuables online to help catch thieves and keep a list of the make, model and serial numbers of your electronic items
  4. Don’t be a show off – keep valuables like laptops, mobile phones, iPods and expensive jewellery out of display in your home, car and when walking around

Remember, most burglaries are opportunistic – a laptop grabbed through an open window or similar. Don’t give burglars the chance to get their hands on your stuff by following the easy tips above!

You can find more information about crime prevention on our website, or feel free to ask us any questions in a comment below.

Some other handy links to information we helped to share as part of the Week of Action:

Fire safety in student homes
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