June 12, 2014, by Duane Mellor

Graduate Profile – Luke Daley


BSc Nutrition

Luke Daley studied Nutrition (BSc) at Nottingham University 5 years ago and then went on to complete a masters degree.  This led to employment as a Public Health Nutritionist with NHS Nottinghamshire County Health Partnerships which involved co-ordinating 3 areas of Nottinghamshire (Mansfield, Gedling and Rushcliffe) to run specific intervention programs such as cooking courses, Eatwell Plate education, weight management, baby weaning courses, school workshops and delivering training courses to health care professionals on Nutrition topics.

Now living in Australia, Luke works full-time for Diabetes Australia and runs his own successful nutrition education business, Daley Nutrition.

Luke says: I will always be thankful for the Nutrition degree I did at Nottingham University.  Like any form of study, you occasionally question how relevant modules will be once you have completed your degree but they have all proved incredibly beneficial.  I know that modules such as ‘Metabolic regulations, Nutrient gene-interactions & Principles of Human Nutrition’ gave me a the fundamental core knowledge of nutrition, which I have used in my training courses and consultations ever since.  And modules such as ‘Public Health Nutrition, Clinical aspects of biochemistry & nutrition and Nutrition across the lifespan’ helped me a great deal when working for the NHS and in my private business as it has given me an understanding of methods to educate the public about nutrition via intervention programs.

For my final year research study I remember working on a specific laboratory biochemistry project to understand how growth hormone affected a heart tissue.  This gave me a deeper knowledge of how human tissue is influenced by certain enzymes and hormones.  Other coursework I studied for Public Health Nutrition and Health Promotion modules taught me to design and implement nutrition intervention programs to produce significant results in terms of behavior change with the public, which again, helped me when I got into my first career job as a Public Health Nutritionist for the NHS.

Overall, I had a good time studying the program, made a lot of friends and enjoyed being on the bioscience campus. I believe that Nottingham University is a great place to study.  The lecturers and other members of staff are always helpful and creative in their teaching methods to ensure that the material was taught well.  I would recommend the program to anyone who wants to develop a career in this field as I have.

If you are a graduate of Nutritional Sciences and would like to share your story, please let us know, contact Dr Jonathan Majewicz, Programme Manager for BSc Nutrition (jonathan.majewicz@nottingham.ac.uk )


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