March 29, 2017, by Suzanne

“Last-Ups” Advantage in Baseball: An Example of Biases and Persistent Beliefs.

Professor T. Turocy – University of East Anglia

Professor Ted Turocy, NIBS Co-Investigator at the University of East Anglia considers if the rule change, designed to resolve tied games more rapidly in Major League Baseball, risks advantaging one team over the other.

“In the World Baseball Classic currently underway, Major League Baseball is testing out a rule change designed to resolve tied games more rapidly. When a game goes into the eleventh inning (the second extra inning), each team will begin their turn at bat with runners already on first and second bases. For readers not familiar with baseball, this will make scoring easier, and therefore ties should be broken more quickly.  This rule has been used in international baseball for a few years (and amateur players may have encountered a version of it in local baseball and softball leagues as well).”  Continued on the UEA ECO Blog.


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