April 20, 2016, by Academic contributor

British obsession with the weather can be a nice ice breaker

Peak DistrictBritish people like to talk about the weather….a lot! If you’re looking for a nice ice breaker when you’re starting a module or waiting for change at Tesco, just comment on the colour of the sky.

“Bit grey today.”

If someone makes such a comment to you, know it is an overture of friendship and fervently agree.

Their enjoyment of discussing the weather reaches new heights when the clocks change, evenings lengthen, and it becomes acceptable to consider leaving the house without a thick winter coat.

When the weather is like this it is time to close the books, leave the library, and head to the hills. Seize the moment. You never know how long “summer” will last.

The Peak District, a national park, is just one hour from Nottingham. With stunning landscapes, walks of varying levels of ability, and plenty of pubs for lunches and pints, it is a quintessentially British way to spend the day. Taking in the rolling hills you will understand why England is referred to as those “green and pleasant lands”, with purple heather, dark peat, and grassy verges stretching as far as you can see. Any lingering thoughts around economics or net present values are expelled by the fresh air. Enjoy the sense of freedom and finding your sense of perspective again.

And, whatever you do, don’t forget to greet any walkers you may meet with a reminder what colour the sky is.

Elizabeth Corbishley is currently completing a full-time MBA Corporate Social Responsibility

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